Our commitment to responsible tourism

The team at SkyJump and SkyWalk understand that all businesses create an environmental and social impact through their activities. Ours is no exception. We try to actively reduce any adverse effects on our environment and community, both here in New Zealand, and globally,  through buying wisely, using resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly, and providing an environmentally and socially responsible experience to our visitors. To help us meet our commitment to responsible tourism, we undertake to:
  • Train staff to make them aware of our environmental commitment and how they help.
  • Inform service providers of our environmental goals and ask for help in meeting targets.
  • Promote the benefits of environmental and social responsibilities to our customers.
  • Give staff the opportunity to recycle rubbish.
  • Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by separating it for recycling.
  • Recycle hardware used in operations where possible (e.g. harness hardware, wire rope etc).
  • Reduce waste by not purchasing products with excessive packaging and not printing unnecessary emails.
  • Send batteries to recycling/safe disposal.
  • Purchase locally where possible to help reduce carbon emissions from transport.
  • Donating supplementary vouchers to local charities/schools.
  • Sponsoring regional awards.
We also pledge to apply the following principles across all aspects of our business:
  • Avoid polluting land, air and water.
  • Avoid depleting natural, non-renewable resources.
  • treat our staff, suppliers and customers fairly and with respect.
We are always looking for ways to reduce any adverse effects on our environment and contribute positively to our community, so we welcome your comments and any suggestion you may have on ways we can help reduce our impact on the environment. Please email anna@skyjump.co.nz