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What is it really like to leap off the highest building in New Zealand? What does it feel like to go for a walk 192 metres above Auckland on a thin walkway with no handrail? We’re here to tell you that it's incredible, unforgettable and a definite must do if you visit Auckland. But you don't have to take our word for it! Read what our visitors have to say, and then book your SkyWalk, SkyJump or your Look & Leap combo!

SkyJump Reviews, Trip Advisor

"The first step is a killer but once you jump it is pure adrenaline fun. The closest you will get to BASE jumping without getting arrested. A must do for the thrill seeker!!!!"SkyJump Testimonial from Raven3peaks, Anaheim, CA
"If you are the least bit adventurous you should try this jump! It is not a bungy jump, so no recoil at the bottom, instead you land standing on your feet. Safety is high priority and the staff are not only efficient but also very friendly and interesting. Following the jump you can then go up the Tower to look at the views. Overall a great experience! Be sure to buy the photos as they are well worth the applause when you show them to family and friends back home."SkyJump Testimonial PSF4, Belleville, Canada
"I had no intention of doing this since I had already booked a bungee jump off of Auckland Bridge. However, a Grab One deal came up right before my trip departure, and it was a half-price deal. So I went for this as well. I’m glad I did it because it’s a completely different experience than bungee jumping. I have to laugh at what I call the “adrenaline junkie snobs” that imply the SkyJump does not carry the same ‘badge of honour’ as bungee jumping; that it’s not as ‘intense’; or it is not as ‘risky.’ This was not my experience. I would say the SkyJump was just as thrilling as my bungee jump, if not, more thrilling. With the SkyJump, it was a lot more intense standing at the edge of an urban tower looking down at concrete. And it was spectacular enjoying the city view during the descent.  And I am thankful to the SkyJump Operators for letting me jump a second time right away for no extra charge. More perks of the SkyJump:
  • At the landing pad/target, you can look up and watch as your loved one/friend/family member jumps. This is a great opportunity to take pictures from below.
  • Another perk is that your SkyJump includes admission to go up the tower again to enjoy the observation decks. So what we did is jump in the morning, then came back after dinner to watch the sunset from the tower.
  • You can jump forwards or backwards.
Word of warning…I suggest you let the operators know up front so that they can slow you down just before landing. They did this for my wife since she had knee surgery a couple of years ago, I’m glad she did! So try to keep good form for the landing (knees slightly bent), your knees will thank you."SkyJump Testimonial from Product of Canada
"One of the main reasons I wanted to stay in Auckland was to do this jump. When I got to the top, the staff were very professional and encouraging. They gave me excellent advice: don't just stand at the edge and wait, jump quickly. I took their advice, and was glad I did, because after five seconds I probably would have backed off and not returned. The moment of the jump was unforgettable. To stand on a ledge 635 feet above the sidewalk, look down, and jump off? That's insane! But I did it, and felt elated going down."SkyJump Testimonial from SleeperAwakened, Las Cruces, New Mexico
"Awesome fantastic experience, don't go to Auckland and miss this. Jump off the tallest tower in New Zealand 192m leap of faith. You are attached to a cable as you free fall at 85km hour! Arrive about half hour before your jump to get suited up and do the safety talk. Then you travel to the top of the tower ready for your jump. You are also given tickets to go back up to the cafe afterwards and the two top observatory decks where you can watch other jumpers fly past the windows. Awesome views and definitely worth the visit. If you're not game to jump you can do the SkyWalk as an alternative. "SkyJump Testimonial from GirlsCan’tWhat

And some choice SkyJump reviews from our guest book…

  • "Best crazy thing I have ever done!" Sara - Italy
  • "Freakin’ amazing - not as bad as I thought it would be - no stress!" Luke and Grace - Auckland
  • "Sometimes you must dare to jump!" Samantha, England
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SkyWalk Reviews, Trip Advisor

"So much fun doing the SkyWalk this week! Very professional, efficiently run, so much fun - highly recommend this to all. Loved the option of buying photos and the video at the end - you really need to come away with evidence of having done this so your friends believe you!! :)"Skywalk Testimonial from Sarah Hall
"I visited the Sky Tower intending to take the Sky Walk but not really appreciating what was involved until I got there. I had not fully read a description of the experience but soon found out what was involved! On arrival at the reception, I found that my fellow walkers were to be a gentleman celebrating his 90th Birthday (I kid you not) accompanied by his daughter. Well, I couldn't back out if he was brave enough to do it. I must admit that I cannot possibly describe the feeling as I stepped onto that platform 192 metres high, even though attached to the harness....sheer terror and with a fixed smile which was more of a grimace!!! But oh what an experience (and what views) although it probably took me to the end of the walk before I could say I was getting confident. But a "must do" for every visitor to Auckland."Skywalk Testimonial JohnboyH, Helensburgh, UK
"Ok, let me start off by saying I am scared of heights. Terrified. I'm fine with flying, but I can't even stand on a chair or climb a ladder, so what on earth was I thinking signing up to walk around a ledge on a tower 192 metres above ground ? ....Well, not only did I do the SkyWalk but I absolutely LOVED IT! Once you get used to the fact that you are 192 metres off the ground, wearing a bright orange jumpsuit and secured only by a safety harness, there's really nothing to it except for pure fun! The walkway itself is around 1 metre wide so there's not a lot of room for dancing around, but that's not part of the plan anyway! The views are fantastic, our guide was friendly, patient, knowledgeable and encouraging and you can buy a DVD of your trip to prove to the folks back home that you actually did it!"Skywalk Testimonial Sonnilou, Australia
"My friends and I did the SkyWalk and we had so much fun! I would definitely recommend it. We chickened out of doing the jump, but honestly the Walk was scary enough for all of us. Our guide, Dylan, was the best! "Skywalk Testimonial from Dr Mon
"The guide, Kenny, was cheeky and good fun whilst being incredibly patient, understanding and encouraging with those in our party that were nervous. In the end, we all had a great time and with some unbelievable photos as mementos."Skywalk Testimonial from Suziegg, in Melbourne, Australia

And some choice SkyWalk reviews from our guest book…

  • "Awesome and inspiring experience, Thank you!" Anthony and Robyn - Melbourne
  • "Blimey!! Thanks for looking after us, good times." Stacey
  • "My knees are still shaking, fantastic!!!" Karinna
  • "Best end to a holiday ever!" Gail, USA
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