The winners of our Sky Tower photo competition are…

We had a fantastic response to our Sky Tower photo competition, thanks to everyone who entered and shared their own photos to our Facebook Page.  It was hard to pick a winner from such a great range of photos including daytime, nighttime, reflections, fireworks, close up, far away and every which way!  But the winner  is.......... Joanne Numbuk with her stunning photo taken of the Tower at night from St Patricks Square.  Joanne wins a Look and Leap voucher to do SkyJump and SkyWalk.  We also picked two runner up photos, and Clare Scott with her photo taken from Westhaven, and Lydia Cerda with her reflection of the Tower who both win a SkyWalk voucher.  Thanks again for all your entries, and keep following us on Facebook for more competitions soon! We are approaching the end of the school term, and mums and dads everywhere will be wondering what to do this School Holidays.  Well, we can highly recommend a visit to Auckland - there a lots of fun and exciting places to visit, and not all have to break the bank. Of course, we have to recommend SkyJump and SkyWalk as your number one option, what says "I love my family" more than an adrenaline filled activity 192m off the ground? (And it's a great way to show your kids how brave you are!) After this, you might like to check out Auckland Zoo.  It's baby Kiwi season, and if you are lucky you might see one of our national birds hatch.  They have a great School Holiday programme called "Eye Spy" to keep the kids busy, and of course there are all the usual animals to entertain old and young.  (My favourite are the Cotton top Tamarins) The Auckland Museum is another favourite family destination, with their current event on called "Celebrating the Pacific".  On certain days you can catch Storytime at the Museum, Creative Crafts, and a Discover and Explore programme. And if you need to let the kids burn off some energy, why not make the most of the spring weather and visit one of Auckland's many great beaches?  Takapuna beach is a great space to let the kids run around, and what tastes better than an ice-cream at the beach? Happy School Holidays everyone! We have an office with spectacular views here in Auckland! We wanted to share some of our favourite pictures of the Sky Tower and our views.  Check them out and  share your own photos to win a Look & Leap voucher.

Win a Look & Leap voucher worth $290

Share your Auckland photos on Facebook Share your best picture of the Sky Tower or Auckland on our Facebook page and be in to win a Look & Leap voucher to SkyJump and SkyWalk. Entries close Friday September 26, after which Jen & Amy will choose their favourite snap. Bribes can be sent to Mission Control! But seriously; the only rule is that you need to have taken the photos you enter yourself. Thanks for sharing! SHARE YOUR PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK & BE IN TO WIN > NB.  You can click on the pictures to see them full size.
View? What view? I can't see a view....aaaargh!

View? What view? I can't see a view....aaaargh!

SkyWalk Rangitoto

Check out those Auckland Harbour vistas. You won't get a better view of Rangitoto.


On a fine blue sky day walking to work at the Sky Tower is always a pleasure. How many people can say that about their office!


The first SkyJump of the day on a sunny summer morning.

Auckland 2

Auckland by night really is quite lovely. Look out for our nighttime specials, where we offer you the chance to do it in the dark, and SkyJump or SkyWalk at night. It's pretty choice. Thanks to Heather for sharing the great photo.

SkyWalk Promo Pics, March 2008 047

We might have cheated a little to get this shot and hired a helicopter so we could get the SkyTower in as well, but when you are standing on the outer ring of the SkyTower in your lovely orange onesie with your knees knocking together with terror, about to SkyWalk for the first time, this is the view you see. Not bad eh!


Is there anything prettier than the view of Auckland from a SkyWalk at sunset? Nope, we didn't think so either.


Love this shot! We've also had great pictures of people with the SkyTower growing out of their head, in the palm of their hand and erm, other places too...


Red sky in the morning makes the SkyTower look very very lovely. On a clear day like this we buy an extra shot in our coffee on the way to work because we know it's going to be a huge day.


Oooooooh. AAAAAH!!!. WHEEEeee! Fireworks over the SkyTower.

As a SkyJump Jump Master and SkyWalk Guide I meet many people from different countries and cultures. Many of these people have just arrived in Auckland. Occasionally we have the odd local come in with their best friend George up from Christchurch for a few days who wants to do SkyJump. Or the poor bloke whose girlfriend bought him a voucher for their  anniversary. He really didn't want to do the jump because of his extreme fear of heights but he  had to because it was a gift.  A fear of heights is  called Acrophobia. I looked this up in my lunch break. Alternatively he could have had an acute case of Doronophobia, which is a phobia of receiving gifts. Either way I felt sorry for him. I've also noticed that it’s always the people who  don’t want to jump off tall buildings that get given SkyJump as a present. Why is that? But I digress. People arrive in Auckland, they make their way into the city and of course they see the Sky Tower. Then they see that there are people jumping off the tower.  Naturally they are intrigued. The more adventurous  new arrivals make their way through the City of Sails in search of these falling people, and they find their way down to SkyJump Mission Control. There they are  confronted by yet another incredible adventure, the incomparable SkyWalk; at which point they realise there is a new addition to the pantheon of questions troubling humanity since the dawn of time.
  • Why has Leo DiCaprio not won an Oscar?
  • Why is the plural of Mongoose not Mongeese?
  • Who am I?
  • Why are we here?
  • Should I SkyJump or SkyWalk?
These are hard questions. Luckily you have me to help guide you through this metaphysical wilderness and choose the right adventure for you.


SkyJump  BoyLeap


SkyJump is faster. It's action packed and adrenaline pumping. This is understandable.  You are jumping 192 metres off a very tall building. If you are looking for a thrill this is the one for you.... As far as bragging on social media about how great your trip abroad is while your friend back home is still working in a café she hates, on the jump you have a camera on your wrist filming  you the whole way to the ground. Just put that baby on Facebook, sit back and watch the likes accumulate. Although the SkyWalk is also one big thrill. In fact many people say it's scarier than the SkyJump


View? What view? I can't see a view....aaaargh!

View? What view? I can't see a view....aaaargh!

It’s not just a stroll around a tower, it’s a 120 metre walk around the Sky Tower on a 1.2 metre wide platform 192 metres above the ground. There is no hand rail. 1.2 metres isn't very wide. 192 metres is a long way down. You will be leaning over the edge and, if you are up for it, I personally will make you walk backwards with your eyes closed. I'm nice that way. The SkyWalk is a guided tour of the city and in between the anecdotes, monologues, facts about the city and the occasional sonnet if  the mood takes me, the walk provides ample photo opportunities for a phenomenal Facebook profile pic so all of your friends back home can see just how great a time you’re having. So I guess what I’m getting at is that the SkyWalk has some wonderful panoramic views of the city. But that’s also the case for SkyJump, which boasts some fantastic views of Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto.

In conclusion

In conclusion, I think it's fair to say I have been no help whatsoever in helping you choose whether you should SkyWalk or SkyJump. I have failed to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that one adventure trumps the other. In fact I would never even try to prove such a thing, as both adventures are completely AWESOME. I will tell you this however, you will have a great time doing either  SkyJump or SkyWalk. And luckily we have a great value combo deal, so you can do both and save money. I'll be here the same time next month, solving more great mysteries of the universe for you.

 Matthew Hilder

SkyJump Jump Master & SkyWalk Guide

      SkyJump has long held a record for our oldest jumper - a 91 year old woman.   We haven’t even come close to breaking this record for quite some time, that is until last Saturday, when a beautiful woman named May decided to celebrate turning 100 years old by throwing herself off our Sky Tower.  What an inspirational woman with a great outlook on life, and I’m sure we can all admire her attitude!  
SkyJump’s Oldest Jumper - the record is broken!

May waits to be suited up in Mission Control

We loved meeting you May, well done and see you next year for your 101st!   Check out this video of May's great leap.  
Beautiful May after her SkyJump telling her friends that they should suit up and give a try as well.

Beautiful May after her SkyJump telling her friends that they should suit up and give it a try as well.

May is interviewed after her jump. The intrepid centenarian is unfazed by just having thrown herself of the Sky Tower.

May is interviewed after her jump. The intrepid centenarian is unfazed by just having thrown herself of the Sky Tower.

May walks back to Mission Control after becoming the oldest person in the world to SkyJump.

May walks back to Mission Control after becoming the oldest person in the world to SkyJump.

  My first SkyJump was the most exciting and amazing experience! I had a job interview for the Ground Crew role at SkyJump at the Sky Tower and at the end of the interview I was asked to do a SkyJump. I knew what it was because I have seen it many times whilst visiting the Sky Tower. I was terrified of the idea at first but I always like to challenge myself with new things. My interview went well and I was so excited and nervous at the same time! I met some really nice people when I was going through the SkyJump process. Everything happened so quickly, but the most memorable moment would be when I was standing on the edge, 192m above the ground and saying to myself ‘this is awesome!’ It was so thrilling and crazy, a moment I will never forget and I would recommend it to everyone. My name is James, and I’m one of the Ground Crew at SkyJump. I landed this job at Sky Jump a month after I arrived in New Zealand from England when I found out that money doesn't grow on trees and runs out very quickly in New Zealand! Basically my job (which is the most important one of course!) is to gear up clients - put them in our suits and harnesses ready to be sent in the lift to the top of the Sky Tower. What’s the best thing about working here? It's when celebrities like Jimmy Carr and Ellie Goulding come in and (obviously while remaining professional), you get to know them a little bit while making them a little bit scared at the same time! I did my first SkyJump on my interview day and I think I hesitated a little bit but I made it to the bottom alive. I also got the job so it was a great day! The weather made it pretty nice as well as you get the added bonus of having a beautiful view when you do a SkyJump. I've also done the SkyWalk twice during my time here in New Zealand and that was just as good. The weather was beautiful both times and it's always a laugh doing the SkyWalk with my colleague Peta! What else I love about working at Sky Jump is the people I meet and gear up. They're generally all a laugh and some of the reactions you see when they land are just hilarious! Every day is always a different day here at SkyJump.
What's your favorite thing about SkyWalk?
My favorite thing about SkyWalk is the 360 views of Auckland and beyond, and watching the weather move across the city - mother nature can be so spectacular!
What would you say to people trying to pluck up the courage to do SkyJump or SkyWalk? 
Go for it! You'll have so much fun!!
What other New Zealand adventures would you recommend?
Zorbing in Rotorua - a real giggle and so crazy only a Kiwi could have thought of it!
What's on your bucket list?
I'd love to fly a plane or have a passenger flight in an aerobatic aircraft!
I love meeting tourists from around the world, and just getting to know them a bit more while they sign in for their SkyWalk or SkyJump. Whether they are local, on holiday or on a business trip. Having a chat with the customers about SkyWalk and SkyJump makes them feel at ease, and takes their minds off the activity itself. I started at SkyJump and SkyWalk on work experience and was offered the job working on the merchandise counter. I looked after the customer's SkyWalk and SkyJump photos and videos, and enjoyed watching their videos back with them and seeing their reactions! Now I work on the front desk reception. Here I check-in customers for their SkyWalk or SkyJump and make sure everything runs smoothly. If you email us at SkyJump, I will most likely be the person who answers. I take bookings, answer the phone and monitor the weather! When I first did my Sky Jump I was terrified on the inside but looked calm on the outside. The hardest part was letting go of the ropes/poles, but once you let go and step forward no words can explain the awesome feeling I felt when I got to the bottom. I screamed all the way down, that’s how exciting it was!