Top 5 New Zealand Adventure Activities

New Zealand is the home of Adventure Activities - and there is a lot to choose from.  Here are my top 5 activities you must do: Bungy Jumping NZ is the home of Bungy so it seems like this would be top of your list. AJ Hackett Bungy offers you a variety of heights and locations to push your limits and try a Bungy in Queenstown or Auckland. Canyoning Imagine walking into a tranquil NZ stream running through beautiful native bush, when all of a sudden it plunges 70m into a cascading waterfall – and that’s your only way down. This is an activity that mixes abseiling, zip lining, jumping and sliding and true adventure.   The Sleeping God Canyon in the Coromandel will take your breath away with its beautiful scenery and adventure filled jumps. Sky Diving NZ has some amazing scenery and what better way to see it than throwing yourself out of an aeroplane? Speaking from experience, I promise you a tandem Sky Dive is one of the most mind blowing things you can do, there is nothing else like the feeling of freefalling through the sky. Black Water Rafting and Caving This is another adventure activity that is unique to NZ and has to be on your list. Tubing or abseiling inside a cave surrounded by glow worms is an unreal experience could test your abilities to cope in small spaces, but will be totally worth it.  Waitomo is a great place to try this out. Look and Leap with SkyJump and SkyWalk Well, I couldn’t leave them off this list could I? Being able to walk around the outside ring of the Sky Tower then throw yourself the 192m over the edge is something every visitor to Auckland should do. The views are spectacular and the thrill is unforgettable. So make your visit to NZ an adventure filled one – you have no excuses with a list like this! (photo credit     Recently our team took a trip away from the Sky Tower and down the road to our new partners in crime - Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy.  We decided to try out what they have to offer, and one of our Guides Poko gave the experiences a rave review. "The Bungy Jump was amazing.  I had been lucky enough to do it before but the second time was epic!  It was worth the fear that you get before leaping off the edge - I would totally do it again!  The Bridge Climb was also a wonderful experience.  We learnt so much about the bridge construction and also all the surroundings.  The Guides were informative and sweet." So we think adding a Bridge Climb and Bungy (and SkyWalk and SkyJump) to your list of must do's in Auckland is a no brainer!  What are you waiting for? Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy Auckland bungee jumpingAbout to leap from the tallest tower in Auckland  

Now you can jump off two Auckland landmarks - The Auckland Harbour Bridge and the Auckland Sky Tower, plus many more jumping opportunities in Queenstown.

We’re stoked to be working as a team to bring you the best adventures in New Zealand. You’re the hero of every adventure we offer and with Bungys, Basejumps, Swings, Climbs and SkyWalks in Auckland and Queenstown we’ve got adrenaline-fuelled fun for every bucket list, not to mention the best views from land and sea!