SkyWalk Gallery

Explore our gallery of photographs of people walking round a very thin ledge at the top of the Sky Tower!

  • SkyJump and SkyWalk 01SkyJump and SkyWalk 02SkyWalkSkyWalk 2tripsSkyWalk 3SkyWalk BothSidesSkyWalk CitySkyWalk Group Sitting offSkyWalk GroupSkyWalk Group2SkyWalk Group3SkyWalk Hands Off
  • SkyWalk HarbourSkyWalk Harbour2SkyWalk harbour3SkyWalkers taking in those Auckland Harbour vistas.View? What view? I can't see a view....aaaargh!SkyWalk OnTheEdgeSkyWalk RangitotoSkyWalk RestaurantSkyWalk Sitting offSkyWalk TowerSkyWalk Tower&CitySkyWalk Waving
  • SkyWalk Waving2SkyWalk Waving3

Watch video of people enjoying a SkyWalk around the Sky Tower and the spectacular views of Auckland.